venerdì 23 settembre 2011


This story is an ironical warning against the mass-consumption society and hyper alchemical technology.

In 2050 people suffer from food crisis.
There was a poor scientist of genetic modification, Jack, living near from Tower bridge.
And He works diligently everyday to develop new species to be suited to mass production.
However, it doesn't go as thought, and only the failure. Jack is already unpleasant to research.

One day,  Jack failed the experiment and had thrown away the medicine through the window to outside in desperation.
Then, the test tube with the medicine has cracked in the place where the beans were planted in the field.  The very big bean bud had come up in the garden on the next day.

Jack began to build up simple scaffoldings to catch the peas in a pod around the Beanstalk immediately.
He caught food from the Beanstalk, and was selling it at home.People in London of the food crisis gathered in Jack's house for food because they had starved.

Jack has caught all bunches below. 
Therefore, He has raised the flame for the bunch above.
Then, the Beanstalk and the flame rose fast, and finally exceeded the cloud.
Food was not enough though the food crisis had been cased by Jack and the Beanstalk yet.
One day People in London crowded Jack's house for getting more food.
Since there was just no food in Jack's house, he climbed, the Beanstalk to catch food.
He had to climb the tower above the could because he had caught all bunches below.
It considerably takes time to climb the Beanstalk above the could.
So Jack becomes tired and has slept.

Jack was wrapped in the bunch when waking up. After that, nobody knows where Jack is.

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