mercoledì 21 settembre 2011


Cultivated Carousel
C.C. is a contemporary interpretation of how the exchange of food in Britain’s public market halls has long been the anchor of society in London. Quickly replacing open public markets in the late 18th century, the organized enclosed market halls embodies the mixture of the bucolic and the urban within a safe enclosure,  thus engendering life and urban order. Market halls provided an environment where the exchange of food and revelry could once again become central to the society.
Cultivated Carousel translates this language of the market  hall to a vertical form, to create a confluence of people, vegetables and algae, and crafts environments that result from various interactions of the three.
Technology is woven into an outmoded model of food exchange to resurrect the element of interaction in urban society. By collapsing the farm and the market, CC urbanizes the act of growing food and bringing it to the people. In doing so, it contemporizes the anachronistic practice of tapping on the social capital of marketplaces to embody public order and civic pride.
The need to connect to an ancient sort of public life is crucial more so now than ever before, since few such opportunities exist in modern life. Cultivated Carousel does this by peeking back to 18th and 19th century London, and infusing the future of urban farming with a dash of the past, encouraging the praxis of interaction, innovation and ceremony. 

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