lunedì 21 marzo 2016


The aim of our kinder GARDEN is to provide different kinds of space through a large and unique playground to let each child discovers himself and gain some autonomy in a spirit of freedom. The space is thought to meet the different essential criteria for the development of the child. It’s a safe place where kids can walk and run the way they want and make their own mistakes. It’s not a question of nursing the pupils but more a question of letting them learn by themselves through experiences. It’s also a social space where they can learn from each other.
It was important for us to create a space where children from every age can meet and play with each other. Bigger children can help the little ones and help them become more responsible. Little children can take example from the biggest ones and grow up. It’s a space connected to the city as well, because children are the city’s actors of tomorrow. The space also allows pupils to discover all of their senses. The topography is not the same in the entire building, the boxes are different, the materials too. All of that to encourage children to be curious and creative. The last point is to make a ludic place because, even if the space is thought for children to grow up, we still managed to make them dream in this environment. It’s a magic forest where they can draw on the walls and on the floors. Where they can build huts on the branches and climb the big central hills as explorers. It’s a space to let children be themselves.
In our design process we were really attached to link closely elements of structure and architecture. For us the relation between those two elements is essential to create a complete, sustainable and well-designed building. 

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