venerdì 2 ottobre 2015

BTP - BARCELONA TEMPORARY PAVILION // HONORABLE MENTION - Germana Musco, Ilaria Gizzi, Ilaria Giraldi, Francesco Cosentini - ITALY

BCN_Better Come Nosy

“A foreign tourist has arrived in Barcelona. He has thin legs and big feet to stand. He has scales that protect him from the sunlight. He has many eyes on very long necks to explore better what surrounds him (he is very nosy). He carries a box for the lunch and many memories and stories to tell. But since he has long travelled and the life of a traveler monster can be quite solitary, he decided to look for new friends to share his curiosity. He heard that in Barcelona there are many other monsters like him and many nice people to meet. So he took some deckchairs to host his new friends, and he leaved to Spain. Don’t be shy, he looks forward to meet many people like you! Get nosy with him!”
This is the introduction to visitors when they approach the BCN (Better Come Nosy) Pavilion and this is the idea from which all started. In Barcelona we can find many fantastic architectures, just think about Gaudí’s Casa Battló with its balconies or to Casa Mila’s monstrous chimneys. The “monster” concept as we mean it is a place that has a strong impact but, instead of being repulsive, as a paradox, it excites curiosity encouraging people to interact and to learn enjoying the pleasure of exploring the city.


CONCENTRATION: The BCN pavilion acts as a magnet, concentrating many needs and entertaining tourists and citizens. It is a place where people can rest, learn, have fun or only pass through.

FLEXIBILITY: The pavilion can host many different functions and temporary events. Thanks to its flexible nature it can live day and night and be attractive both for tourists and citizens.

INTERACTION: All the design was conceived to encourage people to interact with the pavilion and with other people. The technology is simple, almost totally manual in order to tempt people to touch more than just observe passively a mechanism. The shell of the pavilion can be touched and rolled and can change every moment. Periscopes and info-deckchairs offer a user-friendly technology. Everyone can have a different approach to the city. Everyone can learn, explore and have fun.

TRANSPARENCY: Because of its temporary nature and in order to excite the curiosity and the will to explore, the design of the pavilion is light and transparent.

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