domenica 28 dicembre 2014



As the new model of library for the future, the new library of Copenhagen is intended to be such a urban connectivity spot over a standard library which could improve the social life quality for the citizents and preserve the brand of Copenhagen as the most livable city in over the world; on the other hand it’s intended to be well interactive with the specific site context which has great historical significance and architecture. Grasping this idea, the proposal was implemented with the prior aim of satisfying the context adaptability and the performability in encouraging people communication of the new library.
After research about the location and neighbours of the new library, the site was found as an invisible entity that currently splits the surrounding context to different pairs of spatial parts with distinct features and functions (Urban zone - Open Space, Residence - Public Garden). Therefore, the building form was intentionally shaped from the need of a smooth transition in terms of space to fit and gently connect the surrounding space together. The model then was developed with the purpose of making the the new library to be not only well adaptable, sustainable but also enjoyable from inside-out. It is designed to offer a flexibly countinuous space that facilitates the users for browsing information and stimulates the communication between them. The external zone was designed as a highlight of the library where the visitors could find for themselves a free zone for outdoor activities and enjoying the beautiful landscape of the sea. The proposed sloping form of the building not only brings the novel visually experience for the people but also has a efficient energy consumption due to the shadow utilization and natural ventilation stimulation. In addition, with the original mass skin and external lighting system, the new building’s presence is supposed to transmit the fresh air to the context’s appearance by interacting as the decorative lighting system suporting for the urban context.
As a fundamental building the culture of Copenhagen in the future, the proposal for the new library is expected to make the building to be as a urban connectivity sport -  as the name of the project – ‘urban “hygge” seed’ with the desire of becoming the pioneer-building offering the good social atmosphere beside the fundamental function (education) in that people could be well communicated and be sastisfied with enjoying their life in Copenhagen.

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