domenica 28 dicembre 2014


The new central library promote the use of technology as important knowledge vehicle. For this purpose, all digital items are stored in the main server that can be consulted using laptops, tablets or smartphones thanks to the library software.  This app connects the users devices with the main server using the internal Wi-Fi and it permits to read -in cloud- books, magazines as well as watch movies or listen music.
The app also manages the entire paper books catalogue, that is stored in a big framework that is both structure and bookshelf.  The low-rise bookshelf part is a “classic” shelf and it is used for the kids and the bookshop areas. Differently, the higher shelf are managed by the library apps that uses an automated drone system to find and deliver the stored books.
The whole building is wrapped in a polycarbonate skin, creating a translucent surface able to show both internal and external activities and transforming the building during the entire day.
The envelope homogeneity transfigure the library in an abstraction of the Danish traditional buildings, introducing a new and modern element into the historical Copenhagen cityscape.

 Two big volumes (the telescopes) suspended into the internal building void host most of the functions strictly related to “classic” library. The control area, the info point , the consultation and the lecture rooms taking place in these two volumes that are principally silent holding spaces for individual study or researches. In these areas there are different types of seats and light solutions, ensuring a good psychophysical comfort according to the different users’ needs. Moreover all the seats are oriented to big windows that frame some of the best city landmarks, amplifying the users’ sensorial experience.

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