sabato 3 maggio 2014

NATURAL CITY - Berlin Natural Science Museum // THIRD PRIZE - COMAC ARCHITECTS - François Jaubert , Bastien Beguier - FRANCE

The Berlin Sciences museum program as been devided in two, a conceptual approach that is creating a public space connected to the city and an exhibition space creating an internal cavity.
The plot is becoming an urban space that connects the university district, the train station and the zoo, on which is flotting the exhibition cube.
The museum welcomes the vistors till the underground entrance where an atrium is being digged from the green esplanade.
The underground floor, delighted by six patios, is containing all the falicities that are serving the museums (administrations, educative activities, research center, library, storage and technical space)
The exhibition spaces are being spread out around an atrium, a modern approach of the prehistoric cave. The floors are creating porosity by going in and out playing with the program of the museum and bringing a theatral light throught the museum.
On the top floor, the auditorium is closing the cube and offers a panoramic terrasse orientated to the zoo.
The science museum is creating a tension between the earth and the sky,  the past and the future, the present time is being respresented by light who is crossing the layers of the human history.

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