domenica 4 novembre 2012

MOBILIciTY-Tirana Multimodal Station // FIRST PRIZE - Alda Çapi Black and Chris Masicampo, U.S.A.

Charged with establishing easier connections to the main activities and services in the heart of the city of Tirana, the proposal is a hybrid design that combines a transportation center with recreational facilities. It allows commuters to navigate fluidly among different modes of transportation - light rail, commuter rail, buses, cars and bicycles - and offers opportunities for people to shop, eat, work and play.
The site, at a distance from the city center, incorporates a hotel and office tower and many community amenities: event venues, park, soccer field, tennis courts, swimming pools, and cafes. A retail spine unifies the diverse program and creates transitional space between horizontal and vertical. Undulating bands modulate natural light, and the tower contributes density as well as iconography. In keeping with the scale of the city, the design creates a commuter and communal hub resonant with the future development of Tirana.

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