venerdì 4 novembre 2011

GARDEN SHED by Avanto Architects

Garden shed is designed by architect Ville Hara and designer Linda Bergroth for Kekkilä Garden’s Home & Garden collection.

It is a unique prefabricated garden shed that combines a green house with storage space and comes in ready made elements that can be assembled by simply using a screwdriver.

The Garden shed is designed to fit in the Scandinavian landscape and has a traditional gabled roof - typical in the area because of the weather conditions. The product comes in natural wood and can be painted according to taste  and the surrounding area. 

The wall elements function as support for folding shelves: glass shelves for the greenhouse that allows the sun reach all the plants and wooden shelves in two sizes for storage use. At the end of the season, when garden furniture and big tools have to be taken indoors- the shelves can be folded away to maximize floor space

The double doors in the storage part were inspired by the old multilayered sewing/tool boxes that allows you to see the whole content at one simple gesture. The big doors allow natural light to come in and allows you to easily see and reach everything.

The product was launched in 2010 and was awarded with the Garden Product of the Year prize.
It is available through Kekkilä Garden in Finland and by Hasselfors Garden in other Scandinavian countries.

The  Green shed shown in the pictures is designer Linda Bergroth’s summer cottage.  The designer had one of the early prototypes built to her summer cottage -a distant island in eastern Finland. The Garden shed in used as an extra bedroom during the summer months. It is customized by adding a wooden floor in the greenhouse part and solar panels to enable lighting. Stairs and pavings are made from local recycled bricks.

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