giovedì 3 novembre 2011

18 Kowloon East - Aedas

The project is a 28-storey mixed-use building housing offices, retail spaces and a carpark.  A design with efficient office floor plates and a rational box were requested by the client. 
Kowloon Bay, once dependent on manufacturing, is undergoing transformation of rejuvenation.  With the building located in a community with dense industrial blocks, instead of providing another office tower entirely wrapped in a coolly glazed skin, the design investigates the possibility of providing an environmentally sustainable design in such an industrial area.  The target is to contribute a greening effect to the neighbourhood and enhance the quality of life for users in the building as well as the pedestrians on the street level.
With ‘green’ as the theme, the final design introduces extensive planting at the carpark floors located at the lower portion of the tower.  In addition to the visually greening effect to the neighourhood, the planting also filters the air and improves the air quality within the carpark.  Hopefully, the suspended particulates in the air can be reduced and the design is able to provide carpark users a more pleasant experience.

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