mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011


The feeling the plan expresses is to a large tree in the middle of a park that forms a green barrier that allows the visitor to alienate the urban fabric, through materials that are six main entrances in the form of wooden walkways that recall the sinuous roots.

Another unique feature is to use water of the Thames that runs through almost the entire park and it creates a little low river to call the ideological needs of the nutrient by plants. Balance is achieved through the tower-bean with the presence of a large leaf which lies on the ground, the viewer seems to recall him. The tower is part of very specific context. The close proximity of the elements of great importance for the scenery of London, as Tower Bridge and City Hall, makes the site unique and influences the shape of the tower. The concept was born from the seed of the bean, one of the products grown on the farm and its shape creates plants on the ground floor. Germination and seed development in plan give shape to the vertical farm that contains offices research laboratories, residences and restaurants, while a large leaf which lies on the ground creates a second tower, lower, and that contains the farm and monitoring rooms. The surrounding park, redesigned and expanded, acts as the glue with the neighboring areas and buildings, and is meant as a place where the vertical farm stands in the center, ideal concept of a plant.

On the ground floor of the tower containing the farm there is a great hall introduces a large supermarket where they sell vegetable products grown on the upper floors. Among them there are many varieties of vegetables, including beans potatoes, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, carrots and peas, and many varieties of fruits. A large part of the ground floor is devoted to the phase storage: here are transported all the products that were just collected and packaged to be sold. There is also a small info point area. In the ground floor tallest tower there is a large all that introduces various functions: a modem bar whit a terrace area, a storage area for residents of the tower, a classroom for meeting and a bookshop with an exhibition area. 

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