martedì 20 settembre 2011

LOFT 2011 // FIRST PRIZE - VAWA - SJA203.4, South Korea

Prologue: How to change grey city into green city 
Its a hot summer day in 2011. London is in danger of flood. Current studies reports that approximately 100,000 buildings are exposed in danger from the flood resulted from rivers, and 680,000 buildings are exposed in danger from the flood resulted from surface water. This is directly connected to the global warming raising the sea level. The sea water flowing into rivers are increased as the sea level rises and it affects the drainage of water. With storms and localized heavy rain overflow of rivers are what we should be worried about. We must use the green space to prevent and avoid overflow of rivers. Through this green space we must secure the area to preserve water and defend buildings and houses from getting damaged by the flood. The soil and plants absorbs and saves water so its a good prevention of overflow. Disregarding this natural defense mechanic we build a lot of dams. Ironically we Human disabled the ability of natural prevention of flood by covering up the natural site and then destroy the forest to control the flood.

 Structure frame system
The structure is composed of 3 main mega structures supporting and acting as the core of the building and substructure that supplies water into farming areas. There are rails inside the megastructure and the different breeds of plants are elevated to the ground level and upper floors by these rails. These plants are sorted and moved by their different growth cycles. At the upper level the plants are harvested. Also the cultivated plants are connected to the substructure and sorted and grown in different levels by their nature. The role of the structure, circulation of water, and transportation, harvest of plants all together are called “Farm structure system”.
Hammock (Housing area) 
When main structure meets sub structure residence begins. Residence is decided in 3 modules. We applied 3 different modules to accommodate nuclear families, singles made up by social reasons. Especially each residential space is connected to farms to apply self sufficiency from the agricultural society from the past. We are trying to supply green space to the residents not just for views but to experience nature. If the formal vertical farms in the city were isolated from humans, the new vertical farms connect these two different functions building a new residence inside the city.
Farm area
Farms are sorted in three different parts based on their functions. Self sufficient plant growing part combined with residential life, cultivation of plant part, and the experience of green space part. The first two parts are focused on cultivating actual plants. The third part is opened not just for local residents but to everyone so they can experience the green space.
Eco skin system
We need a greenhouse for the four season growing condition which is one of the pros of the vertical farm. We have applied a skin that surrounds the mass for a better environment inside the greenhouse. Also we have applied a double skin to control the temperature and prevent overheat from the greenhouse effect. There is a fabric called ramie fabric. This fabric’s feature is fast absorption and good ventilation. We will use this fabric between the double skin, pile a ramie fabric mesh so the building itself can breath air.
VAWA is now the symbol of city agriculture.  We use the small area inside the city to advance agriculture (agricultural technology).  Also it plays an important role in solving the pollution inside the city.  The green space is increased and now it can add greenness to the beautiful city view.  The modern citizens who were once departed from nature can now once again live

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