martedì 27 settembre 2011

AWR competitions // RECYCLE/RECHAIR - registration period 1sept. - 15dec.

Why a competition dedicated to the design of a chair? Because it represents an icon throughout time. The chair covers different periods in time and diverse historical moments. However certain details remain unchanged and they hide under the design of an object which appears simple only on the surface.  

Ecochair  designer: DesignGroup5  -

Design, technological innovation, comfort, functionality and flexibility: all these features have always contributed to the appeal that chairs confer to designers and to those who use them. The great Avant-garde masters of the last century saw in the design of a chair the perfect opportunity to express their talents and their ideas. In some cases, the chair has become the manifesto of an entire artistic or architectural movement. Time has brought a clear and unstoppable technological progress. There have been many technological innovations in field of chair design. Nowadays the main objectives are to cut down production costs and respect the environment. Now, more than ever, the search for environmentally friendly materials is the focus of worldwide famous designers’ research activity. Design should convey a variety of meanings: versatility, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Tastes and habits have changes through time, but the main rule has always remained the same: creativity.

Recycle/Rechair is an International conceptual design competition put forward by AWR - Architecture Workshop in Rome. The goal of the competition is to award the best designers around the world that are willing to meet the challenge of designing a completely eco-friendly armchair. There are no limits to construction, material or dimension to be considered for the project. Recycle/Rechair is an ideas competition and, as such, it is aimed at investigating trends in new functional, performance and aesthetic models for the years to come.

Today, more and more people are choosing products labeled as “green” or “eco-friendly”. It has therefore become essential to follow a design ethic and seek solutions that are actually environmentally friendly. Particular attention will be paid towards the implementation and the technical ability to employ "green" materials. Whether traditional or innovative, the materials employed are required to be environmentally friendly.


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