sabato 18 febbraio 2012

RECYCLE RECHAIR // FIRST PRIZE - Paper Chair - Peter Plantan, Nusa Zupanc

What is PaperChair and what it is made of?
PaperChair is an eco-friendly chair made of 100% recycled materials. Our main goal was to use as simple materials as possible and try to get the best out of them. We used thinly shredded old newspaper paper and flour past its expiration date.
How is it made?
It is made of several sections. In order to achieve the desired shape we made a mould out of recycled foam board that had been used before as a material for architectural models. After the mould was shaped, damp paper slices were placed inside and pressed together. As glue we only used  flour and water. After the section is taken out of the mould and dried up, it is ready to be used as a part of  PaperChair.

How was it designed?
Our design is light and airy, so you can move it around, use it wherever it is needed. We also aimed to make it appealing to one's eye, to invite you to sit in it and enjoy your break, your coffee or simply a good book. It is designed to complement interior with its voluminous yet lightweight structure.
 Is PaperChair comfortable?
The third componend that was equally important to us as the material we used and the appealing design, was comfort. Its shape is adapted to human body. PaperChair is slightly flexible, so it adjusts to whoever sits in it whilst still supporting their spine. Its reclined shape is encouraging you to slightly lean back without slouching. In such position, discs in your spine move the least, which is optimal for your back.
 Is it environmentally friendly?
We made our Re-Chair to give back to planet Earth, to prove that we do not need heavy machinery or chemicals. With PaperChair we have proved that what we need is already here, it just needs to be seen and used in a different way. With a little creativity we can preserve our planet and make it a safer and nicer place for the next generations.
All we used for PaperChair were two pairs of hands, a pile of old newspapers, and a bit of water and flour.

Process of work:
  1. We used newspaper paper as basic material.
  2. Shredded paper is damped with water. Glue is made of flour and water.
  3. A layer after layer is put and pressed into mould until full. After the content is dry, it is ready to be put out of the mould .
  4. When all the sections of the chair are made, they are glued together. For the purpose of demonstrations, two sections were made and connected

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  2. did you make the mold yourself ? how did you do that ? what materials did you use ? or where did you find the mold ?