mercoledì 9 novembre 2011

AWR competitions // GE.CO. - THE GEOMETRY OF THE COLOR - registration period 7 nov. - 7 feb.

The aim of the competition is to explore the relationship between Architecture and Color through a photographic exhibition. The debate on color in Architecture has historical origins and can be traced back to the XVIII-XIX century with the so called “polychromatic dispute ”.

Nowadays Architects and representatives of world cultural trends see color as a key element in design activities. Designing through the use of color and experiencing buildings through their chromatic characteristics, enhances the soul of modern architecture. Just as Fritz Schumacher used to say: “the global aesthetic economy of a building should concentrate on color from the very first stages of design”, only following this advise it is possible to fully understand the role of the chromatic element in the life of an architectural fabric and in its interpretation.
Photography, a tool capable of capturing such a strong relationship, is the mean that best frames the peculiarity of an architectural work in relation to color.

The proposed photographs will have to define color as a theme and not as object of an argument. Moreover they will have to consider color as the focus, not accessory, element of the cultural debate on Architecture.

Participation to the competition is open to all the people that wish to explore research on the relationship between Architecture and Color in photography.

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