venerdì 21 ottobre 2011

Sustainable Residential Complex to spring up in Milan - Italy

 The Milan area will soon be home to a sustainable complex designed by Morfearch; in addition to providing more housing, it will also offer public services open to the wider community, including libraries, eateries and more. The site is divided into trapezoidal spaces by the numerous divergent paths that run through it from north to south, clearly defining certain areas such as lawns, water, pavement, vegetation and gardens. The outdoor environment has been designed to promote social interaction as well as provide space for resident leisure activities.

The three residential buildings are quadrangularly shaped and differ in height. They provide a total of 19,500 square meters of living space and include facilities as a bike parking area and laundry room, housed in semi-transparent polycarbonate bubbles on the ground floor. The bubbles allow natural light to evenly illuminate the space, and are also present in the stairwells. A parking garage is located below ground.

The façades are characterized by a similar geometric pattern, with quadrangular extruded windows of varying thicknesses and dimensions. The south façade in particular is equipped with a double skin and metal plate allowing the continual flow of air, ensuring efficient natural insulation for all façades.

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