domenica 16 ottobre 2011

Leaf Zip Ties - Lufdesign

The artificial cables all around us make a more dark and cold environment. The Leaf tie takes the cables and wraps the cables while bringing life to a dull area. It serves the dual purpose of design and efficiency. The Leaf tie is easy to use. It is simply used in the same manner as the cable-tie. All you have to do is wrap the Leaf Tie around the loose cables. The design of the Leaf tie makes the cables look like wrapped twigs. For young children or people that live in the city that tire from the artificially modern environment, the Leaf tie can for a short while let them experience a hint of nature.

The cables were always exposed among the complicated buildings or the buildings in the quiet rural alleys. By using the leaf tie you can feel sympathy for the blossom sprout and when strung together in subways underground, were light can’t reach, you get a brief sense of nature and life. Beyond simple beauty, the leaf ties can carry a meaning such as the yellow safety ribbons tied to oak trees. Exhibiting the leaf ties can be used to start an awareness movement directed toward an issue called “Green Environment & Safe Earth”.

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